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About Us

Welcome to Motive8

Founded in 1998, motive8 began its life as a specialist personal training company. Today we are a global organisation and established market leaders in the design & installation of residential and corporate health and fitness facilities.

motive8 is privately owned and managed by one of its original founders, Nick Sadler. Sarah Cleland-Smith and Richard Moon, two of the first full-time employees, are now Co-owners and Co-directors, with Omar White joining the Board of Directors in 2016. The directors are supported by a team of experts in their respective fields, from consultancy, design and project management to facility maintenance and management.

We also have a number of personal trainers, many of whom are qualified in rehab and nutrition, as well as a team of beauty professionals, to deliver services in our manned spas or from our training hubs in London & Leeds.

motive8 also has a coaching team dedicated to delivering sports sessions to children in South West London. Managing Director, Nick Sadler, has always been passionate about ensuring children have a positive experience of physical activity from a young age. Nick has maintained his involvement in this area of the business, which now delivers over 200 sessions per month for children aged 5-16 years.


M8-216Nick Sadler – Managing Director

Nick Sadler is the Founding Director of motive8 and has worked in the industry for 18 years. He has worked as the lead Gym and Spa consultant on projects across all sectors on a number of prestigious schemes with developers, architects, interior design agencies and managing agents. His expertise and consultancy on projects have ensured that the original design concepts are always met or exceeded whilst maintaining the future operational efficiency of the facility.


M8-147Sarah Cleland-Smith – Operations Director

Sarah has worked in the fitness industry for 17 years and is a co-owner of motive8. She has worked across all areas of the business, predominantly the day to day operations of the eight Gym and Spa facilities we currently manage on behalf of our clients. She has a key understanding of how design must meet operational requirements, ensuring the client and end user receive the best possible service and ongoing running costs are considered in the design. Her current focus is project management and financials.


Richard-6703Richard Moon – Director and Facilities Manager

Richard has headed up the motive8 maintenance team for the past 12 years and became a Director and co-owner of the business in 2016. He provides service contracts and maintenance for all motive8 equipped facilities to ensure longevity and value for the client. The maintenance department currently services in excess of 200 sites in the UK. He works with the client and their onsite team to provide H&S best practice which includes daily checks of the facility. Richard also manages motive8 gym installations, ensuring equipment and design are delivered on time, safely and to a high standard.


Omar-719x719Omar White – Director for Commercial Operations

Omar is the Director for Commercial Operations and became a board member of motive8 in 2016.  He has worked for 19 years within service delivery & operations, the majority of which has been with mid-cap through to global corporations within IT Services. Omar joined motive8 looking for a new challenge, to take more control and become a key decision maker – he found the perfect opportunity at motive8. His primary focus is to review business strategy, P&L, roadmap business improvement projects and to ensure the organisation runs efficiently and effectively across all departments.

Our History

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